$MTK Sustainability Plan

Metakings Fundamentals

  • Meta-kings is a novel sort of game that compensates players for the time and effort they invest in both the game and the ecosystem's growth.

  • Meta-king's economy is entirely player-owned and based on real money. Rather than selling game stuff or copies, the game's makers are concentrating their efforts on expanding the player to player economy. Marketplace fees are deposited in a Community Treasury, the use of which will be determined by MTK holders. The developers get money by holding MTK tokens. Players produce MTK tokens using in-game resources and sell them to new/other players. Consider Meta-kings to be a country with a functioning economy. The MTK token is held by the government, which collects tax money. Holders, the game's creators/builders, own 10% of all MTK tokens.

  • The game's resources and products are tokenized, which means they can be traded on open peer-to-peer marketplaces to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Population increase is a significant influence in the Metaverse ecology. At each point in time, there is a perfect inflation rate that enables us to reach our full potential. Too sluggish and $MTK pricing are too expensive for the average person to join; Particularly competition sprunges quickly, and you'll have harmful inflation. MTK tokens would be subject to comparable economic dynamics that would need proper model management..

Economic Importance

The economy will be supported in the long run by the these plans purported by the team.

  • Providing Real-case use to $MTK tokens:

    Over time, new and enhanced experiences such as Land, Mini-games, and Battle upgrades will be added. Beyond their usefulness in transitory metas, new experiences outside of Battle will also provide value to Meta-kings. Players will always have fresh objectives to accomplish inside the Meta-kings Battle realm. Finally, demand for $MTK will be driven by the intrinsic value they bring to users in the form of competitive, social, and progression-based enjoyment and accomplishments

  • Geometric Ascension of $MTK assets:

    Currently, the primary avenue to advancement in Battle is via collection expansion. This dynamic is not sustainable in the long run. In the long term, enhancements to Meta-kings, Land, and other assets will need the use of crafting supplies. Meta-kings may be "released" in order to collect these crafting components or to gain access to upgrades. This establishes a long-term source of supplies for the Meta-kings populace. Meta-kings advancement is coming in the future, and it has the potential to forge a far greater link between trainers and the Meta-kings they select to enhance.

  • Enhancements to accessibility that contribute to the creation of long-term value:

    There are now many points of friction that prevent users from diving into Meta-kings Battle field and competing, having fun, and socializing with the community. Enhancing onboarding and providing gamers with free access to the game For example, starter Metakings would encourage more players to fall in love with the Meta-kings cosmos and commit to the economy long-term.

The greater the persistent demand for $MTK tokens, the more robust the economy will be in the long run. To begin, and in order to optimize growth, the Meta-kings economy is designed to be reliant on new entrants. New players need Meta-kings to get started, and it is critical that sufficient $MTK tokens is made available in the marketplace. Additional $MTK tokens must be added with caution, since they risk stifling growth by driving prices too high. The enhancements listed above will be phased in over time to transition the economy toward growth and sustainability through demand from current participants and to lessen reliance on new entrants.

Additional Income Sources

Several extra chances to inject additional capital into the economy as a bonus to the basic player-to-player economic activity will present themselves

  • Publicity and Strategic Partnerships

    Numerous projects have already shown an interest in contributing prizes and tokens to the Metakings economy. MakerDAO, AAVE, and Kyber Network have all conducted experimental token drops for Metakings participants so far. Metakings is already the world's biggest community of individuals who understand how to utilize Blockchain technology; advertising to a group of this size has enormous value.

  • NFT MarketPlace

    Merchandise would be made available in both physical and digital formats. This is already a popular request from passionate players who want for more tangible and/or digital items to demonstrate and display their love for the game. Merchandise may include limited-edition official Metakings Art NFTs, T-shirts, and plushies. Profits would be reinvested in the game, which would then be given to players. The worldwide Metakings community has developed exceptionally deep relationships, and seeing other Kings in person is an important aspect of the Metakings experience. Profits generated by large community events would be reinvested in the game and given to participants.

While many Meta-kings players will reap substantial rewards for their labor and purchases, many have simply participated for the sake of enjoyment and camaraderie. They're ecstatic to create unique Meta-kings fight methods in order to top the leaderboards or just hang out with new community members. They place a higher premium on these experiences than on prospective revenues. These players make the economy stronger in the long run and the team strives to help more players gain this value in the long-term.

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