ARENAS are the habitats for Metakings($MTK). ARENAS is a non-fungible token that may be acquired or created with $MTK, BUSD, or Crystals. ARENAS enable a player to create MTK Crystals directly and earn BUSD via games.

  • ARENAS of different sorts have varying affects on Metakings character abilities and MTK Crystal crafting prices.

  • Players may generate cash by leasing their Habitat to other players. Each Habitat may host a maximum of one Metaking character at a time.

  • A Player's Habitat must be maintained on a regular basis using crystals, otherwise it will deteriorate and cease producing BUSD.


    Metakings enables participants to generate revenue through two distinct economies:

  • The thriving PFP (Profile Picture) NFT economy as a result of the upgrading of the Metaking's speculative value.

  • Our painstakingly developed Play-to-Earn economy, which includes making, leasing, purchasing, and selling in-game products such as crystals and ARENAS. Free players have access to just the first economy, whilst paid players have access to both.


Based on established concepts in non-blockchain mobile games, Metakings automatically enrolls all players in a Free-to-Play economy in which their in-game activities are monetarily rewarded via the long-term value appreciation of their Metaking.

As the player upgrades powers and cosmetics, grinding raises the theoretical worth of a Metaking NFT. Free players' meddlings effectively build sweat equity. Once a certain amount of time and effort has been put in a Metaking, it becomes valuable and tradeable in the decentralized marketplace.

At this stage, players may either sell their game characters to other players looking to acquire a Metaking in order to get an advantage in the game, or invest in the long-term worth of a Metaking, which is determined by the demand and rarity of its developed features.


Free players who weary of grinding or want to accelerate their in-game progression and raise the value of their Metaking may buy a Habitat to enter the paid side of the economic flywheel and earn $MTK in addition to XP. Additionally, Habitat owners will benefit from the MTKration, crafting, and selling of MTK Crystals and ARENAS on a consistent basis. The purchase of a Habitat serves as a gateway between the free-to-play and pay-to-win segments of our in-game economy.

This not only establishes two economies in which players may earn, but also significantly expands the marketplace possibilities, since Metaking NFTs, ARENAS, and Refined Crystals are all sold amongst players ready to pay to advance quicker. This is the basis for our economic approach, which allows us to build and extend the game's content as it gains popularity.

We will enable Metakings to equip skills and things that are manufactured using a formula of BUSD, $MTK, and crystals purchased and sold on the in-game marketplace, so increasing the economy even more.

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