Our Team

Team cooperation is critical to success in the game, not just during conquest, but also during evolution. The set's synergy is critical to its collective worth, the momentum of continuous wins, and the fun of games. Likewise with the Metakings crew. We are a fast expanding worldwide firm with over 10 employees committed to attracting the finest and brightest talents. With our initial seed rounds over, we're fine-tuning our workforce in the same way we're fine-tuning our game: with an eye for detail tempered with an unflinching focus on the larger picture.

We've covered Immutable-X and introduced the gameplay in prior announcements. Now, meet our core team, who together will not only make Metakings a token of world-class quality, but will also guarantee that our NFTs flourish on the Binance Smart Chain.

Christopher Gasca — Co-Founder

Christopher is a proven serial entrepreneur, working alongside Kain Warwick in e-commerce and other successful projects. Christoper was exposed to Bitcoin and Ethereum early on. His enthusiasm for the crypto space led to joining Metakings. While there, Christopher successfully onboarded major Australian Exchanges and started the world’s first OTC cryptocurrency exchange.

Rodney Sekareck — Co-Founder and Game Designer

Rodney became hooked with designing and programming games while studying Computer Science at Cambridge University in England. His interest in artificial intelligence sparked at a young age, as he was a voracious seeker of scientific knowledge and the philosophical implications of technology. Rodney's in-depth understanding of world-building and gaming mythology has driven Metaking's goal to create the world's first AI game based on the Binance Smart chain blockchain.

Kathleen McNamara — Partnerships

Kathleen is a business executive and partnership leader with over 20 years of success in amplifying business performance to hit top goals. Kathleen has held multiple director and leadership roles in varying retail and tech-based organisations, making her an invaluable asset to Metakings.

Gleen Winters — CTO

Gleen has over 15 years of experience as a full-stack developer, with experience as a solution architect, tech designer and software engineer. He has a strong background in Java, Web, and Blockchain tech stacks. ERC721 solution for the real estate industry in New York.

Moses Smith — Lead Server Engineer

Moses has a 20-year career in both the gaming and the financial services industries. His game development career started when he began producing games for the App Store in the late 2000s, and since then, his games have reached over 1 million users. His company JNA Mobile was also one of the top Unity Asset Store publishers at the time.

Jonathan Torres— Marketing Manager

Jonathan is a highly-creative writer and brand strategist with over a decade of experience in marketing. He joins the Me team to create high-impact communications. Additionally, he’s helped refine the narratives of companies across various industries, such as research universities, academic medical institutions, mortgage bankers, specialty coffees, and many other products and services. Torres ability to craft compelling storytelling, in his freelance and agency work will be key to his role for building the culture of Metakings.

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