Game Engine

Metakings is an Unreal Engine 4.26 game engine. Battles are conducted in a pure C++ simulation that runs game instances in less than a few milliseconds. This is then connected to Unreal Engine and rendered. Because the simulation is deterministic, the server may save extremely tiny input values and replay any match. Metakings will be able to archive every combat that has ever been fought.

Cinematic Mode

A cinematic option (demonstrated in the gameplay teaser) enables players with less capable computers to see the matches in stunning detail. This is possible solely due to the simulation's deterministic nature.

The Overworld

The Infinite Each location in Metakings has been painstakingly created by some of the world's most talented digital artists. Proprietary technology is employed to give the assets a cinematic feel, since the workflow mainly depends on a very strong render farm, which allows the game to preprocess a large amount of computational data, reducing the graphics load in game while still appearing rich and detailed.


Backend Our backend is hosted on Amazon Web Services, a market leader in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) (AWS). Our backend services are implemented utilizing AWS Lambda in a serverless manner. This allows us to provide essentially limitless scalability while yet keeping a cost-effective solution. Our major persistence method is DynamoDB, which enables us to deliver an atomic, consistent, isolated, durable, and highly available solution via the use of transactional features. We employ the whole suite of AWS monitoring and security services, including CloudWatch, GuardDuty, Inspector, Detective, and Security Hub, on the back end.

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